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 Post subject: Charlotte Blancmange ~Dessert Witch~
PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2011 4:52 pm 
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Name: Charlotte Blancmange

Codename: Dessert Witch

Age: 18

Parents: Blamensir Blancmange and Lanche Flane

Dessert Creation: As a result of her affinity for cooking and the tendency for magic to form in the will of the user, Charlotte's magic takes the form of enchanted desserts. She is able to generate them near-instantly, with more complex creations taking a longer period to construct. Due to an extensive training spanning over a decade, it seems that her spells takes only a lesser strain upon her. She has maximized the optimal energy to magic ratio, and thus is more magically efficient than that of normal magicians.

Examples of her spells are:

☼ Iron Hard Frozen Ice Cream

☼ Jello Barriers and Shields

☼ Acid Parfait

This power is ironic for her. Despite being able to create complex candies and desserts out of nothing, she is unable to make the cheese that she craves most. Because of this, it it very easy to distract her with a piece of cheese.

Minion Creation: She can create sentient dessert based beings that she calls Pyotr. They are often charged with finding and obtaining cheese for Charlotte.


True Forms: As Charlotte is a witch holding a fully formed Grief Seed*, she has several forms.

Charlotte's Grief Seed: Charlotte's original seed, It allows her two forms, Shown below.


*Grief Seeds are the souls of witches contained in a material form. When a witch is vanquished, they are dropped and house the essence of a witch.

"Barrier" Access: An other-world used by Witches to conceal themselves. Should a normal human wander in by accident, it is impossible for them to escape. These worlds are linked by the witches, and when the witch is destroyed, so is the barrier the witch owns. The barrier's entrances are unable to be sensed or seen unless someone walks in a close proximity to it. People may enter barriers without realizing it.

Charlotte's Barrier: Note the nurse and the Pyotrs. The hospital theme is not consistent with her barrier, as you go through it, you will notice how everything turns into sweets and desserts.


Cooking Skills

Sweet Tooth

Magical Efficiency

Personality: Charlotte is rather bubbly and sweet- true to her nature as the Dessert Witch, although her personality will change in her different forms. In her Doll Form, She is very childlike and resorts to anything to get what she wants, even changing into her caterpillar form to do so. In her Caterpillar Form, she is harsh and calculating, coordinating her movements so that her long body will encircle her opponent, so that she can move in to attack.

History: When she was a child, Charlotte was diagnosed with cancer, and it was very likely that she would die before she reached the age of 8. Her parents, in an attempt to save their only daughter and put her through Chemotherapy. She absolutely hated it, and the fact that she could eat certain things, especially cheese. She was a bit of a glutton but couldn't eat anything she wants due to dietary regulations (hence candy imagery in her garden),and starts to curse the hospital she's stuck in (hence hospital imagery in her garden) and the children who can play outside the hospital without a care in the world. This curse begins her transformation into a witch. In the end, she died and was brought back into existence as the Dessert Witch Charlotte.

Magical Cloak: Her Cloak is enchanted to be immune to the effects of her magic, and even though it doesn't cover her entire body, the effect stretches on to encircle a small area around her.


Power Grid:
Speed:2*1*3 (Different forms have different speeds)
Durability:3*2*4(Different forms have different durabilities.)
Energy Projection:6
Fighting Skills:2



Eating Soulstrands.

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